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5HP VFD with single phase input, low cost drives

5HP VFD single phase input drive
VFD Capacity: 5HP (4 kW)
Input: 50/60Hz 1 phase 220V, 230V, 240V AC
Output voltage: 3 phase 0 - input voltage (maximum)
Output frequency: 0 - 400 Hertz
Rated current: 17 amps

VFD Size: 230 * 155 * 164 mm (H x W x D)
Weight: 4kgs (Packing weight)

Control mode: open loop V/F control
Overload capacity: 150% for 1 minute,200% for 0.5 second;

Communication: RS485 (optional), standard ModBus protocol
Enclosure: IP20 (What is VFD ip number means?)

Price? Refer to the price list and get a discount.

Lots of applications can save money by using variable frequency drive (even if a small one, like 5hp) to better control the speed of the AC motor to the driven machinery. This can result in significant reduce total cost in addition to improved process control, lower maintenance, longer system life, very soft start, improved flexibility, integration into automation systems, lower audible noise and increased performance, then save your money.

Common applications that benefit from a variable frequency drive include most fans and pumps, turbo compressors and material handling amongst others.

The relatively small losses in the VFD are easily compensated for by the overall improvement of the application efficiency.

To recoup the capital cost of a typical 5HP variable frequency drive only a modest energy saving is required. Even with a 10% efficiency gain, the capital cost would be saved in only 1000 operating hours. Efficiency gains of between 20% and 70% are often possible by using a 5 HP VFD in fan and pump applications.

Selection of VFDs should be considered as only a part of the overall gains to be made. It is important to consider efficiency of the overall system besides the cheap price, from the input of electrical energy to the useful output (air pressure, water flow rate etc). Maximizing the reduction in operating costs can only be achieved through careful system design to achieve maximum efficiency gains, e.g.
  • Motor sizes can be reduced if VFD is more efficient
    • Optimization of the driven equipment
    • Optimization of power transmission train (gearbox, belts and pulleys)
  • Variable frequency drive can eliminate the need for a gearbox, increasing system efficiency
  • Variable frequency drive operate at almost unity power factor - reducing reactive power charges and increasing overall efficiency

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