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Variable Frequency Drives Price List

Variable frequency drive, also named frequency inverter, variable speed drive etc, is a common device for controlling AC motor in variable speed running to save electricity bills, the pricing is in big differences among different manufacturers & suppliers, you may compare them in quality & cost before buying a VFD. Buy a VFD on GoHz.comGenerally, cost per hp is decreased along with the VFD capacity increased.

Note: the prices in the table list are for reference only, to buy a VFD, please contact us to get a sale price for each unit. Generally, it's cheaper than the prices in the table list, as we are the manufacturer in China and make direct sale to you.

VFD Model No. Price (USD) Capacity Current (amps) Dimensions (mm) G.W (kg)
Single phase 220V 50Hz/60Hz input, three phase output
GK3000-2S0002 $145 0.2 kW / 0.3 HP 1.6 141.5*85*126 1.5
GK3000-2S0004 $150 0.4 kW / 0.5 HP 3
GK3000-2S0007 $159 0.75 kW / 1 HP 4.7
GK3000-2S0015 $183 1.5 kW / 2 HP 7.5
GK3000-2S0022 $240 2.2 kW / 3 HP 10 230*155*164 4
GK3000-2S0037 $294 3.7 kW / 5 HP 17
Three phase 380V 50Hz/60Hz input/output
GK3000-4T0007 $199 0.75 kW / 1 HP 2.3 141.5*85*126 1.5
GK3000-4T0015 $220 1.5 kW / 2 HP 3.7
GK3000-4T0022G $259 2.2 kW / 3 HP 5 230*155*164 4
GK3000-4T0037G $293 4 kW / 5 HP 8.5
GK3000-4T0055G $396 5.5 kW / 7.5 HP 13
GK3000-4T0075G $463 7.5 kW / 10 HP 17 290*200*187 6.5
GK3000-4T0110G $825 11 kW / 15 HP 25
GK3000-4T0150G $1,050 15 kW / 20 HP 33 345*218*221 10.5
GK3000-4T0185G $1,510 18.5 kW / 25 HP 39 430*260*261 18
GK3000-4T0220G $1,625 22 kW / 30 HP 45
GK3000-4T0300G $2,050 30 kW / 40 HP 60 505*280*261 25.5
GK3000-4T0370G $2,275 37 kW / 50 HP 75
GK3000-4T0450G $3,250 45 kW / 60 HP 91 535*300*261 27
GK3000-4T0550G $4,000 55 kW / 75 HP 112 645*370*267 52
For larger VFDs, contact us to get a  RFQ and detailed specification per your specified requirements.

Choose a vector control VFD OR a general purpose VFD?
It requires understanding the requirements of the application, then selecting the VFD to best meet the needs.

In general, a vector control - of which there are several versions - offers faster response and more precise speed regulation than does a general purpose VFD. Some vector VFDs require a speed feedback device - usually an encoder or resolver - others do not. However, using a speed feedback improves response, speed regulation, and low-speed operation. Some vector VFDs offer response comparable to dc servo drives.

From the cost aspect, the vector VFDs generally cost more than general purpose drives, but this difference is shrinking as vector VFDs increase in popularity.

Table 2 list the features of both drives, "Which type of VFD is best?" gives relative responses and other characteristics of major VFD types.

General purpose VFD
Vector VFD
Low speed
About 6 Hz, which is 180 rpm for a 4-pole motor (1750 rpm base speed).
0 rpm.
Low speed torque
Torque capability of decreases at half or one-quarter of base speed.
Full torque at 0 speed, if motor has sufficient cooling capability.
Speed regulation
1 to 3% base speed.
0.01% of set speed.
Typically 10 times of general purpose VFD
(Table 2. Listing characteristics comparison of vector VFD and general purpose VFD.)

This price list (reference) includes:
ABB ACS510 prices
ABB ACS550 prices
ABB ACS800 prices
Do you want a low cost VFD price list, contact us NOW!
(we are not the ABB drives agent, but surely can supply good quality & inexpensive VFDs)
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