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VFD: Control connections and configuration

The purpose of selecting particular control connections and setting various configuration parameters is to select the required logical and speed control functions for the particular application. The configurable items can be grouped as follows:

Customization of the display in terms of what variable (speed, frequency, load, current, voltage etc) is displayed. Customization of the output frequency display to show user defined units. Some housekeeping functions.
Information from the motor nameplate.
Maximum and minimum speeds, acceleration rates, motor flux adjustment etc.
Current limit settings, I2t (thermal overload) etc.
Stop / Start
Choices for stopping, automatic restart options etc.
Choice of speed signal source to be used in local and remote modes, jog speeds.
Input / Output
Assignment of particular control functions to terminals (inputs) and relays (status outputs). These can be selected individually or from one of 8 preset configurations.

The VFD control terminals can be configured, on an individual terminal basis, to suit a wide variety of applications. This provides enormous flexibly.

Factory default settings
The factory default terminal configuration provides for single direction control from either the terminal strip or the front panel console, as selected by a local / remote input on the terminal strip. There is a menu function to restore the terminal configuration and all VFD parameters to the factory default state should you wish to do so.

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