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VFD IP66 Enclosure

When you install a VFD on an electric motor that is driving critical equipment in your factory, building or farm etc you need to be confident that that equipment will perform regardless of the environment that it is installed in.

Critical to getting that level of performance from your VFD is making sure that the enclosure that has been used for your VFD is capable of protecting the vital components of the VFD from dust, dirt, particles, water and other liquids.

An IP66 enclosure needs to meet the standardized IEC protection code for enclosures. The first 6 in the code refers to the enclosures ability to protect against particles. A rating of 6 indicates that the enclosure is dust tight and gives complete protection against contact. The second 6 in the rating refers to the ability of the enclosure to protect against liquids. A rating of 6 here means that the enclosure can be subjected to water jets at a rate of 100 liters per minute for at least 3 minutes without any harmful effects.

We understand that a lot of our VFDs can be installed in some pretty dirty, dusty and potentially wet environments. Because of this we take particular care to build enclosures for our VFDs that can meet and exceed the IP66 requirements. Our IP66 VFD enclosures can be found in some of the toughest environments in China and the world. They are built to not only meet the IP66 rating but to keep your equipment performing at its best for many years.

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