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20 HP VFD, 380V - 420V AC Variable Frequency Drive

20 hp VFDVFD Capacity: 20HP (15kW)
Input: three phase 380V, 400V, 420V AC 50/60Hz
Output: three phase AC 0V - rated value
Rated current: 33amps

VFD dimension: 345 * 218 * 221 mm
Gross weight: 10.5 kg

VFD Control mode: V/F control, vector control (what is vector control VFD?)
Overload capacity: 150% for 1 minute, 200% for 0.5 second
Communication: RS485/232
Enclosure: IP 20

Manufacturer: Shenzhen Gozuk, Made in China.


I have a long distance between VFD and motor, will this cause problems?

It may. Possible problems include nuisance tripping of the VFD, low voltage and lack of power at the ac motor, and high voltage spikes at the motor. Consult the VFD manufacturer for specifics, but most VFDs will operate properly with output wiring up to 100 feet. Longer lengths may present a problem. Output reactors often reduce the problem encountered with longer lead lengths. Consult your variable frequency drive supplier for details on the line reactors. Make sure to install adequately sized wire for acceptable voltage drop. (see the article of cable length between VFD and motor)

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