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Variable frequency drive Inputs & Outputs Control

The figure illustrates typical power & control inputs & output termination points found on variable frequency drives. The three phase power source is connected at the line input terminals L1, L2, & L3 & the motor feed conductors are connected to the output motor terminals T1, T2, & T3.

VFD basic drawings

The line & motor terminals pass through electronic circuitry so there is no direct connection between them, as with an across-the-line starter.

Most variable frequency drives contain control terminal strips for external connection for both digital & analog inputs & outputs.

The number & types of inputs & outputs will vary with the complexity of the VFD & serve as a means of comparison between manufacturers of variable frequency drives. VFD inputs & outputs are either digital or analog signals. Digital inputs & outputs have two states (either on or off), while analog inputs & outputs have many states that vary across a range of values.

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