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VFD On/Off output terminals

The VFD in the diagram below has two types of on/off outputs available -- they are shown on the right side of the diagram. A set of NO (normally open) contacts is provided at terminals TB2-9 and TB2-10. These contacts are controlled by the VFD and their function can be selected in the VFD parameters. For example, these contacts can be selected to close when the VFD is enabled, or they can be used to indicate the VFD in a fault condition. A solid-state output is available at terminals TB2-19 and TB2-20. This circuit is basically the emitter and collector of a transistor. When the VFD controls this circuit, it sends a signal to the transistor base, which in turn causes the collector-emitter circuit to go to saturation.

VFD system diagram

Another output that's available from the VFD is a frequency signal that can be sent to a frequency meter. The frequency meter can be located on the operator panel where it will be used to indicate the speed signal that the VFD is sending to the motor.

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