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VFD fire pump controllers

When you buy any pump and variable frequency drive (VFD), EXCLUDING a fire pump, you can pick whatever brand of VFD you want with whatever features you want based on known existing problems or a desire to help eliminate future problems. The only shaft that comes with that package is the one in the pump casing.

When you buy a VFD fire pump controller you get whatever the manufacturer had it listed with. Those packages come with two shafts - the one in the pump and the one you got with a standard listed VFD fire pump controller.

Regarding Variable Speed Fire Pump Controllers in coordination with and cooperation and help from both U.L. and F.M. Some of these have been service for almost ten years. Some of these installations are dual use installations. As a result some of them have extensive running hours on them. One has over 30,500 RUNNING hours on it. Also, since these units use a high temperature rated Gozuk VFD, they are cooled by CLOSED loop air to air heat-pipe heat exchangers. These controllers have been tested well above their standard controller maximum ambient temperature of 50 oC.

Sadly, some competing units either drag pump room air thru their controllers and variable frequency drives. Others make use of AIR CONDITIONERS to keep their controllers running.

If there was ever a place to have proper ventilation, like intake air and exhaust as required by NFPA 20, 4.12.6, it's a pump room with a large HP VFD. I don't think exhaust fans should be the sole source of exhaust for heat removal since they or the electricity could fail. The make roof turbine ventilators with thermostatic dampers for winter that are good for back up in both diesel and VFD applications.

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